School Site Council



A successful school functions in the best interest of students when a School Site Council is highly-involved in decision-making, using the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) as the vehicle for continuous improvement and accountability.
Click here for the 2023-2024 Culverdale SPSA

Our SSC is comprised of 5 community members (parents), 4 school staff, and the principal. Meetings are open to the public.
Culverdale SSC By-Laws

2023-2024 SSC meeting schedule 

Wed, September 27 @ 1:45 (minutes)
Wed, November 8 @ 1:45 (minutes)
Wed, January 24 @ 8:30
Wed, March 13 @ 1:45
Wed, May 15 @ 1:45

(the agendas will be linked prior to each meeting)

Function of a School Site Council