Each year when school starts, students in grades 3-6 can apply for the Emerging Leaders "America On Track" after-school program.  The program is provided at no cost to families, and meetings are held at Culverdale one afternoon each week.

Through Title 1 funding, our school provides additional academic and social-emotional support to students in grades K-6.  Based on common assessment data, our Learning Lab instructors provide reading interventions to help our identified underperforming students with their decoding, fluency, comprehension, and writing skills.  After-school Extended Learning classes are offered for math and/or reading support, based on common assessment data and staff observations. 

Culverdale is staffed with a full-time Elementary Resource Counselor who provides whole class lessons as well as private or small group school-based counseling sessions.  We also team with community resources and the IUSD Prevention & Intervention department to help families get the necessary support at home.

Culverdale is one of three IUSD elementary schools that host the K-6 English Language Development (ELD) "Newcomer" program.  Students with little-to-no English have access to the full academic curriculum with support from additional staff, ELD instructional strategies, and daily opportunities to interact with non-ELD students.  Our school also hosts the TK-6 "Mild/Mod" Specialized Academic Instruction program. 

All of our students benefit from a culture of inclusion, celebrated diversity, and multiple tiers of support at Culverdale.