Dear Parents/Guardians,

Recently, both the State and Federal Government have enhanced protections for student information, particularly where educational technology is concerned.  By using this technology, student learning can be made relevant to real world experiences, support the foundation of new Common Core standards, and prepare students with the necessary 21st century skills. IUSD policy requires teachers to provide their students with lessons in digital citizenship, to emphasize, model, and practice the importance of acting appropriately online before using any software or applications with students. District-supported software programs that meet the new requirements can be found at  All other online software programs and websites are considered non-District adopted software, therefore, parent permission may be required.  Throughout the school year I plan on using the following software that is not listed by the district. I will include a link to this same information online as I will be adding additional resources throughout the year. Please check back on a regular basis:

Software Title
Description Login/User/ID Password Purpose or Example Use Privacy Policy / Terms of Service
example example example example Link