Pickup & Drop Off Procedures

When elementary schools were originally built, the expectation was that the majority of people would walk to school. However, as time progressed, the number of students arriving by vehicle increased dramatically. What does that mean? Schools weren’t built for the high volume of traffic we see on a daily basis. Please help us provide a safe and efficient arrival and dismissal of all students by following these procedures. Everyone’s participation and cooperation is essential to insure the protection and safety of all students. Thank you.

Paseo-Westpark Parking Lot:

  1. Traffic flows one-way through the lot at all times. There is one entrance and one exit.
  2. The right lane is the “drop-off lane” only. Pull all the way up to the “drop-off zone”. Students are to exit from the right side of the vehicle only.
  3. Students may not “jump-out” while waiting in line to reach the drop-off zone. This is unsafe, even if you are in the drop-off lane.
  4. Students should be ready to exit the car quickly. We can empty three cars at a time in the drop-off zone if everyone follows the correct procedure.
  5. Students are not allowed to walk in the parking lot or between cars at any time. Use sidewalks and the cross-walk to assure visibility.
  6. The left lane is for “through traffic” only – no stopping anytime. Students may not exit cars from this lane at any time.
  7. Numbered parking spaces are for staff only. If visitors park in these spaces, teachers and staff are delayed getting to their morning assignments. There is open parking in the lot closer to the park, on Barcelona Street and on San Leandro (school side of the street).
  8. Kindergarten parents are required to park, walk their child to the classroom and wait for the teacher to open the classroom door.

San Leandro Street:

The San Leandro parking lot is for staff and busses only. No student drop-off/pick-up or visitor parking is permitted in this lot. For everyone’s safety, there are walking paths on each side of the parking lot clearly marked with “paw prints.”

  • Please use the cross-walk at the corner of Paseo Westpark and San Leandro
  • U-turns are illegal and very unsafe.
  • You may only park on the school side of the street. “No Parking” signs are clearly posted on the opposite side of the street.
  • You may drop off students on the school side of the street.

The Irvine Police Department routinely patrols the streets and parking lots of our school area and will issue citations for violations.